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Where beauty blends with professionalism.

Cosmetics and beauty is already a multi-billion dollar industry. But the subset which is growing by leaps and bounds is that of make-up artistry. Moreover, make up artists today have plethora of opportunities. From opening your own salon to getting models ramp ready. Beauty industry has opened lot of doors for budding make-up artists. Hence, more and more artists are choosing professional make-up as their career. And to help the budding make up enthusiasts, we have designed, a wholesome professional make-up course that will help them march toward their dream career.

For any cosmetic artist, the key skill is adapting to the ever changing needs of your clientele. Because in the world of beauty everything is fleeting. And what is in trend today, will be long forgotten by tomorrow. Hence, a true make-up artists are lifelong learner, who styles their make-up sense to suit the need of the hour. We recognize the need for aspiring make-up artists to be trained in art of beauty. Hence, our make up artist course helps you prepare for the professional marketplace.

Getting started – Become a professional make up artist

When it comes to make up, the possibilities are infinite. Because for a beauty professional, make-up is an artistic expression on human canvas. However, here the canvas is alive and dynamic. Because, each client will have different face type, lines, angles and skin type. A professional make-up artists knows how to use those differences to enhance the natural beauty that the subject. Hence, our course is designed to impart knowledge and training on each such critical aspects of make-up artistry.

In the world of beauty skilled make up artists are selling like hot cakes. However, they are not that easy to find. You might think, how is that even possible when even a 12 year old can do a perfectly winged eyeliner makeup. The reason behind the shortage of top quality make up artist is because most lacks the discipline and basic makeup techniques. Hence, if you are aspiring to be professional make-up artist, and are looking to solidify your foundation, you are at right place.

Further, you need not worry that you might be too novice for the course. Because, our basic course covers everything from what makeup products to use, how to hold your brush and how to create awe inspiring looks. Hence, the only thing that you need to do is getting started and inquire about our course now!

Make Me Blush – Best professional make up course to make you real world ready

When it comes to art of make up, formal education is not really a pre-requisite. In fact, the best teacher for any form of make-up is practice. Hence, our curriculum is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Further, the course covers variety of make-up styles such as contour makeup, airbrush makeup, bridal makeup, fashion makeup and much more. Moreover, our courses offers a level of individual attention that will help you gain insight in your own unique strengths.

Therefore, if you choose to join our professional make up course, we pledge to provide you with:

– Gain on hand and real world professional work experience.

– Training and tools to take your craft and passion to next level.

– Real world insights into the world of makeup. Learn the latest techniques and trends.

Hence, if you have an eye for beauty, a love for artistic freedom and passion for make-up, this field is the right fit for you. Many of our students have gone on to create their own trailblazing path. Hence, if you feel that you want to convert your passion for beauty and art into a successful career, we are just a click away. So, are you ready to start your journey? Because we are excited and waiting for you! Come join us and make your dream career a reality.

Course Details

Professional Make Up Course

Advanced / Intensive

20 Days

Includes a set of professional makeup brushes and beauty blender

All products will be provided by the academy

A range of basic to high end luxury products will be provided for the benefit of the studio

Certificate Will be Provided

Online Profile and Portfolio with Professional Photo Shoot Included.

Note: For More Details on Fees and Course Structure Call / Email / WhatsApp

"Highly recommended."

Tanvi Kulkarni

I recently attended a make-up and hairstyling workshop organized by them. I was really satisfied by the way it was conducted... Minute details for skin care were shared..which are really helpful. Kudos to the team....!! Highly recommended.

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah !

Jyoti Kampani

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah ! Would love to get back to them for a regular skin & hair care programme! Thank you !

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal.

Riya Khilnani

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal. Learnt a lot of tips and tricks about make up

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