Self Make Up and Hair Styling Course

Self makeup and hair styling course – Be independent Be you.

Saga of makeup is as old as civilization itself. Since the recorded history of humankind, there are evidences of humans, both women and men alike using makeup. However, with time beauty standards have changes drastically. From the heavy face painting and wigs of renaissance era to more natural makeup look in 21st century. But, what has remained constant is human kind’s love for beauty. Hence, to celebrate this unchanging love for beauty we have curated one of a kind self makeup and hair styling course.

Today’s women refused to be typecast. Still, we have hove so many people asking us why do women obsess over makeup or hair styling. Answer is pretty simple and obvious. We do it for ourselves. In fact, there are days when we want to apply full make-up and then there are days when even eyeliner seems like a chore. Makeup is the barometer of women’s mood and it can oscillate based on how she feels.

Further, we live in a busy world. And most of us lack time for frequent salon sessions. Hence, self makeup and hairstyling is must for all women. However, finding time for full blown self care routine is tough. Therefore, to help women overcome the time constraint we have designed a unique course on makeup for beginners. With our techniques you will cut down on the time spent in beautifying and look as if you have just stepped out of a salon.

Level up your beauty game with our self makeup and hair styling course

In today’s world we are drowning in the sea of beauty influencers. In fact, sometimes it might feel that are you the only person who does not know how to contour or whip up the perfect messy bun. Further, with so many influencers doing paid PR can lead to confusion on what are the best makeup products. Moreover, while there is lot of information available on how to apply the perfect makeup. For a beginner choosing the right tutorials can be overwhelming.

Therefore, our course is designed for beginners who want to apply their own make-up with confidence. We will introduce you to basic techniques for applying makeup with tips on how to make best of your unique features. Further, our course also includes a session on hints and tips on what best suits your face shape and skin tone.

Hence from mastering the ever elusive eye liner to plucking your brows like a pro, our self makeup and hair styling course will teach you all the tricks of the trade. So next time you are going out on a tête-à-tête or for a casual lunch date with your girl gang look your best without spending hours in salon.

Self makeup and hair styling course – After all vanity is our favorite sin

We have always believed that makeup is so much more than the outside transformation. It is actually about looking your best to feel your best. Hence, it is ok to spend few minutes in front of your mirror, and apply an eye makeup or try that new hairstyle. Moreover, increasing number of women are using makeup on daily basis. However, many also struggle in its correct application. Hence, you first need to master basics of beauty techniques.

Therefore our makeup lessons will get you up to the mark with makeup basics. We will answer all your beauty questions from which brushes to use to how to recreate your favorite look. Moreover, out personalized classes are designed to help you get comfortable in your own skin. So that you are empowered with correct tools and techniques for applying your make-up with confidence. Further, we will also help you design your bespoke skincare regime so that you can get the perfect glow daily.

Hence, why spend money when you can be your own makeup artist and hair stylist at home. So connect with us today and learn how to look the best possible version of yourself.

Course Details

Self Make Up and Hair Styling Course

One day Intensive Course

1 Day

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"Highly recommended."

Tanvi Kulkarni

I recently attended a make-up and hairstyling workshop organized by them. I was really satisfied by the way it was conducted... Minute details for skin care were shared..which are really helpful. Kudos to the team....!! Highly recommended.

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah !

Jyoti Kampani

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah ! Would love to get back to them for a regular skin & hair care programme! Thank you !

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal.

Riya Khilnani

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal. Learnt a lot of tips and tricks about make up

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