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Fashionisn’t only about the things you wear outside, like shoes and suits. Typically, it’s the little things that guys seem to ignore. Many guys fail to realize the significance of personal hygiene. Grooming is often associated with femininity and women, and many men feel it is not as necessary for them because they fear it would diminish their masculinity.

But that’s not even the widespread belief people have. You may shop for and wear the most expensive clothes and accessories if you want to. Having bad breath or unwashed hair, though, is a major turnoff. Men who took care of themselves used to be looked down upon. However, modern men understand the significance of personal grooming more than ever before. There’s a delicate line between a grooming routine that leaves a guy looking like a caveman and one that leaves him appearing well-groomed. one that makes you appear like a member of a boy band, and another that does the opposite. You can consult Make Me Blush’s professional grooming services to get the desired effect.

Being Well-Kept is a Huge Confidence Boost

People that take pride in their appearance exude positivity and confidence. Maintaining a neat and tidy appearance helps in establishing new acquaintances and blending in at social events. Taking pride in one’s hygiene is an excellent first step in developing the self-assurance that serves as the bedrock of a successful gentleman. So, visit Make Me Blush for the men’s grooming services.

Beard sculpting

A trip to the men hair salon every two months was considered routine maintenance for the “traditional” male. This wild mane has been shaved and cleaned up but not groomed. Unless you think just combing it as “styled,” that is. These days, gentlemen know that this isn’t good enough for them, whether they’re concerned about their cleanliness or appearance. The bare minimum is a monthly (or more frequent) trip to the barber. Talking to your hairstylist is also a good idea. For your specific hair type, what would you recommend? What haircuts and makeup look best on your face shape? This kind of thing hasn’t been discussed openly in men’s hair salon in a century. However, Make Me Blush knows what goes best with your style. Visit us, and let us groom you the way you want!

Skin Care Because Your Deserve It

The topic of skincare has always been overlooked and avoided by men. Meanwhile, it’s been an integral component of every woman’s daily ritual for centuries. Do men’s skin magically produce its moisturizer? Is it true that guys never experience problems like dry skin and other concerns that often affect only women? In a word, no. It’s absurd on its own, and cultural standards just make things worse. It is becoming more accepted that men should adopt skin care habits on par with women. Products like moisturizers and serums are now available for guys. You may use them after shaving, and your skin will feel healthy and nourished without suffering the harsh consequences. Visit our men’s grooming salon if you want to look groomed.

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Maintaining one’s own hygiene is a breeze, yet many people struggle to do it on a regular basis. Maintaining a normal self-care routine keeps you smelling clean and fresh, strengthens your willpower, and helps you establish positive routines.

We’ve already shown that personal hygiene doesn’t have to break the bank. To help you maintain your personal hygiene without breaking the bank, Make Me Blush is there for you. Visit us now!


Haircuts for men ( with Wash)

₹ **

Beard trim for men

₹ **

Hair wash for men with deep conditioning

₹ **

Hairstyling for men wash and styled

₹ **

Global hair colour for men 

₹ **

Highlights for men (Per foil)

₹ **

Hair root touch up  for men (Up-to 1 inch growth)

₹ **

Hair root touch up  for men (Up-to 2 inches )

₹ **

Beard and mustache colouring up  for men

₹ **

Kids (boys) up-to 12 (with Wash)

₹ **

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"Highly recommended."

Tanvi Kulkarni

I recently attended a make-up and hairstyling workshop organized by them. I was really satisfied by the way it was conducted... Minute details for skin care were shared..which are really helpful. Kudos to the team....!! Highly recommended.

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah !

Jyoti Kampani

Attended a very informative session on skin & hair care as well as make up tips by Delilah ! Would love to get back to them for a regular skin & hair care programme! Thank you !

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal.

Riya Khilnani

Excellent make up workshop conducted by Delilah and Payal. Learnt a lot of tips and tricks about make up

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